Low Carb Foods

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A low carb diet works well for many individuals. It helps steady the body’s levels of insulin in the bloodstream, which prevents a sugar surge and quick drop. When insulin levels remain constant, a person enjoys a great deal of energy throughout the day.

Benefits of Low Carb Foods

Low carb foods contain little fat, grain, or sugar. They help the body maintain even insulin levels and encourage weight loss. Low carb foods make the body rely on stored fat as a source of energy. Also, with limited carbohydrate consumption, rapid changes in blood sugar levels are eliminated. This prevents sugar crashes and the urge to binge eat. As the body adjusts to this type of diet, a person will have a greater sense of well-being and experience even moods.

Food Substitutions

Carbohydrates make up a majority of foods in the average diet, so it may be challenging to modify a daily eating routine. When a hankering hits, there are low carb substitutions that satisfy the appetite. For example, when an individual wants to eat bread, a quenching alternative is a low carb tortilla. Instead of pasta, a gratifying choice is spaghetti squash or shirataki noodles. To replace a tempting side dish like potatoes, mashed cauliflower is popular and provides a similar taste without the accompanying spike in blood sugar.

Low Carb Snacks

Besides basic meals, it is important to recognize snacks that contain little carbohydrates. When a person gets hungry throughout the day, it is common to reach for chips or crackers. However, these items are loaded with carbs. A healthier snack idea should include fiber, protein, or healthy fat. Some low carb choices to consider are celery sticks with peanut butter, nuts, sunflower seeds, and string cheese.

Low Carb Cookies and Sweets

Most people enjoy eating something sweet after a meal or as a special treat. Cookies are common dessert offerings, which bring pleasant feelings and evoke happy memories of childhood. Even people on low carb diets can relish these types of baked goods without any guilt.

Golden Star Bakery makes it simple to enjoy a cookie or brownie that is low in carbohydrates but tastes delicious. All ingredients are natural, dairy-free, kosher, and are approved by the FDA. It is almost unthinkable to indulge on favorites like blondies, chocolate chips, or lemon delights without cheating. Eating a low carb diet does not have to be depriving, especially with high quality and delectable bakery items from Golden Star.

Low carbs cookies

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Almost everyone enjoys an occasional cookie, and wanting to avoid fat calories is no longer a reason to deprive yourself of a simple pleasure. Nature gives you plenty of choices for meals of low carb food, including eggs and butter, citrus and berries, green vegetables, meat, seafood and soy. But cookies are a special treat that we create to enhance your enjoyment of a healthy diet. Creating a sweet taste without ingredients that are high in calories or carbs allows us to provide a healthy treat that is tasty and satisfying.

Recalling Childhood Memories with Brownies and Blondies
Memories of grandma’s cookies magically transport you to a distant place as you recall the aromas that came from her oven. Looking like lightly colored brownies, our blondies contain only 24 carbohydrate grams (g). With all of the flavor and sweet rewards that you remember from your grandmother’s cookies, they are perfect for a snack or dessert.

Our brownies are a traditional treat that you can enjoy with an afternoon cup of tea or serve as an elegant finish to a dinner. With slightly fewer carbs than our blondies, their 23g makes them an excellent choice that gives you the flavor that you expect from a quality confection.

Delighting in the Luxury of Chocolate Chip
An iconic cookie that is almost everyone’s favorite, the chocolate chip stands as an ideal treat. The flavors are richly rewarding, and you can enjoy a two ounce serving for only 180 calories and 26g of carbohydrates. Our natural ingredients deliver the taste that you desire. They are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and all of our products are kosher under the supervision of OU Kosher.

Choosing Zesty Lemon
Our lemon cookies give you a fresh and zesty taste that is a delightful and enjoyable experience. We blend the finest ingredients to create a cookie that is perfect for serving to friends and family or for a quiet snack by yourself. With only 26g of carbs in a two ounce serving, they give you pure enjoyment within your dietary requirements.

Enjoying a Perfect Vanilla Chip Cookie
With recipes that our family has developed since our founding in 1977, we devote our creativity to making cookies that please you and your family. Our low carb line of cookies gives you the taste that you enjoy within dietary guidelines. Using white chips instead of black ones, our vanilla chip cookies give you an alternative that is as delightful as the chocolate.

Finding Old Favorites
Popular Black and White or Half Moon cookies are easy to find in restaurants, coffee shops and delis in New York, but you cannot find them everywhere. We make it easy for you to enjoy them at any time, with only 80 calories and no fat in a serving of two cookies. The delicious vanilla flavor with black and white icing is available in our diet, fat free and kosher cookies.

Our Pink and White cookies are a delightful complement to our Black and Whites. A delicious pink icing covers half of each cookie while a tasty white icing covers the other half. At only 26g of carbs and 115 calories, they are a treat that is worth savoring.

Our Celebration cookies bring joy to a party of any kind, and a low carb count of only 16g for a two ounce serving meets your dietary preferences. With colorful sprinkles on top, they contain only 75 calories per cookie. Recognizing the importance of a low carb diet to a healthy lifestyle, we provide desserts that stay within recommended guidelines.