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Meeting your weight loss goals
means making some sacrifices,
but that is never a reason
to give up all your vices.

Could it really be?
Cookies that are fat free?
And even free of salt!
Who would have ever thought?

Not even Grandma’s baking can compete
with the smell of these scrumptious treats.
They have the same quality and taste,
yet they somehow help you lose weight.

It’s like my sweetest dreams came true;
I think about them all night
because these cookies drive me coo-coo.
Can’t get them out of my mind
even when they’re out of sight,
I think I may, I think I might,
be the thing that goes crunch in the night.
It’ll be OK if I just take a bite

Every evening when I lay in bed,
this is what I see in my head:

a rainfall of sprinkles descending from the sky
making me so happy that I start to cry.
Pink, green and white confetti,
tears of joy, fingers of jelly.
Try Italian style if you’re ready,
and throw some sesame seeds into the mix,
so cookie monsters can get their fix.

Luscious low carb lemon toasties,
brownies, muffins and blondes too,
a cacophony of cookies
calling out to me and you,
beseeching us to take a dip
in diet vanilla and chocolate chip.

Ovo vegetarians rejoice!
These cookies are dairy free!
Though they go great with milk,
our friends in the U.K. agree
that they’re just as good with tea.

Guess what? They’re even kosher –
real Bat Mitzvah pleasers.
Save them for after Passover
by sticking them in the freezer.

Healthy cookies for any occasion:
banquets, weddings and birthday celebrations.
Great for kids, better for adults,
if you’re trying to lose weight
they’ll help you see results!

Best of all, they are mailed to your door,
so you don’t even have to go to a store!
Find out for yourself
what makes Golden Star Bakery so great
that no one will judge you
for licking crumbs off your plate.

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